Regional Focus: ATM Fatigue Management in Africa

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Fatigue is an inevitable hazard in the aviation environment, especially in Air Traffic Control (ATC) and many other professions, naturally degrading various types of human performance.

It is essential that air traffic controllers, air traffic safety engineers, AIS officers and others understand the potential risks associated with fatigue and how these can be managed.

Fatigue management provides structured method to address the safety implication of fatigue.

As the industry association, CANSO brings the world’s air navigation service providers, leading industry innovators and air traffic management specialists together to share knowledge, develop best practice and shape the future for a safe, secure and seamless airspace. Together we are experts, we are innovators and we are the architects of future ATM.

The objective of this webinar was to create awareness among the ATM industry practitioners about the requirements, the solutions, and guidelines as well as the benefits of implementing fatigue management systems in African ANSPs.

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Further information

Most ANS personnel, including air traffic controllers and engineers work 24-hour shifts, including night shifts where fatigue is experienced most. Fatigue arises from a variety of causes, and it is important that these professionals understand and appreciate these causes, its effects and how to mitigate those to maintain safety.

ATM requires consistently high human performance such as strong planning, good situational  awareness, and decisions. Where fatigue is experienced by ATC or engineering personnel, performance may be impaired and, ultimately, their ability to carry out their task safely will be compromised.  

Since the beginning of 2020, many countries have shut down their borders and limited or shut down domestic travel in response to COVID-19. The pandemic has had a monumental impact on air travel, which has shaken the industry and affected how airlines schedule their flights. The global view of flight disruption in 2020 shows the precipitous decline in flights and rapid increase in cancelations. However, Air Navigation Service Providers did not completely shut down operations and these disruptions are impacting the ability of ANSPs to do short- and medium-term planning. 

In the high paced ATM environment and considering the short, medium, and long-term impacts of COVID-19, the following events need to be considered by the management of ANSPs.

  1. Increased demands and the potential for stress and fatigue
  2. Different levels and types of external distractions
  3. Change in workload and work environment

Our speakers

Our speakers were:

  • Ms Loise Mwangi, CANSO Focal Point and Chair of Africa Safety Work group KCAA
  • Mr. William Amoako, Safety, Standards and Quality Assurance Manager and Deputy Chair of Africa Safety Work group Ghana CAA
  • Ms. Tembisa Maphike, Senior Manager: Safety Standards and Regulations, ATNS
  • Mr. Fateh Bhekti, Executive Vice-President, Africa and Middle East, IFATCA
  • Mr. Frank Kofi Apeagyei, Manager Training & Research, Ghana CAA and Regional Africa Director, IFATSEA
  • Mr. Daniel Acquah, Deputy Director-General -Technical, Ghana CAA
  • Ms Lydia Hambour, Regulatory Engagement Lead, Airservices Australia
  • Mr. Shayne Campbell, Safety Programme Manager, CANSO

Event Details

22 July 2021 @ 12:00



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