CANSO Safety Focus: 2021 Kick Off

Members of CANSO’s Safety community were invited to our virtual three-day Safety Focus: 2021 Kick Off event, which ran from 23 to 25 February. 

The event was led by Safety Standing Committee (SSC) chair, Osman Saafan, and vice chair, Sinéad McCloskey. 

About day 1

On the first day the SSC held its first full meeting of 2021 and set the scene for the coming two days’ discussions. There were also updates from the following safety workgroups and taskforces:

  • Safety Intelligence Workgroup
  • Next Generation SMS Workgroup
  • Human Performance Management Workgroup
  • Cyber Safety Taskforce

Following those introductions, a special panel discussion aimed to answer the question: ‘Is safety still the top priority following the pandemic?’

During these unusual times, the aviation industry continues to uphold the highest standards of safety worldwide. Meanwhile, COVID-19 continues to directly impact CANSO Members, on both the ANSP and supplier sides. Extensive resource reduction activities have been undertaken by many, if not all, aviation stakeholders, in their attempts to help manage that impact. New challenges are being faced every day to address the constantly shifting ATM landscape. All that combined then begs the question, does safety remain the top priority?

This session brought together senior safety experts from across the CANSO Membership to discuss challenges and opportunities for keeping safety the top priority for ATM organisations.

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Event Details

23 February 2021 @ 10:00 to 12:00 CET



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