CANSO CEO Strategy Summit 2019

The CANSO CEO Strategy Summit this year provided a special focus on Cybersecurity in ATM. The Summit first provided a brief update on progress on the new focus areas of CANSO: Fit for the Future of ATM and then provided a specific opportunity to discuss ‘Membership’ in preparation for the CANSO AGM in June. The main part of the Summit looked at:

  • Countering the threat of drones, and
  • Cybersecurity in three parts:
    • An external cyber security expert gave updated warnings on the threat;
    • An organisation from another industry that has experienced an actual cyberattack that shut down its global operations, and how it recovered; and
    • A panel of CANSO Member CEOs discussed what they have heard, the lessons for ATM and what new actions are required from CANSO and its Members.

Event Details

11 March 2019 @ 09:30 to 15:40 CET

Madrid, Spain

Meliá Castilla Hotel


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