ENAIRE integrates the intelligence of the ground-air communications system to enhance operational efficiency

  • This is a novel milestone that centralises and virtualises the computation of the ground-air communications system, which services the digital datalink, in a single centralised system
  • It allows for the instant digital exchange of relevant data between aircraft and air traffic control units, optimising controller workload and minimising potential communication errors
  • It lowers the cost of purchasing and maintaining different servers, as well as energy costs, by consolidating communications between pilots and controllers in a single physical unit

ENAIRE completes the deployment of VHF (Very High Frequency) stations with a new unified processing system (VHF ground computer) that centralises the provision of ground-air communications through virtualisation. This modernisation in ground-air communications showcases the company’s global leadership in aeronautical technologies, in keeping with its Strategic Plan, the 2025 Flight Plan.

This milestone combines two novel aspects in the air navigation system: the centralisation of the intelligence of the ground-air communications system, which supports the datalink services, and the virtualisation of its supporting infrastructure.

Traditionally, this computation was distributed over 29 VDL (VHF datalink) stations that ENAIRE has deployed throughout Spain in order to provide the ground-air coverage required to render the digital datalink service, in accordance with the European regulation in effect since 2018.

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