Denmark’s Naviair to tackle airspace efficiency and service provision with integrated remote tower and approach centre from FREQUENTIS DFS AEROSENSE


Frequentis Remote Tower has already been selected by seven countries worldwide

Naviair, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) of Denmark, has selected an integrated remote tower and approach system from Frequentis DFS Aerosense, in order to manage increasing airspace demand and support the workload of Air Traffic Control Operators (ATCOs).

“Naviair will initially establish a remote tower center at Billund Airport, to manage surrounding air traffic, with the intention to provide central air traffic control (ATC) to other regional airports, instead of locally from individual airports. Locating all ATCO’s in the same facility will allow for controller working environment and flexibility to be improved. We are looking forward to working with Frequentis DFS Aerosense on this project”, says Carsten Fich, CEO, Naviair.

The integrated tower and approach centre is a combination of a remote digital tower (RDT) and an approach automation solution (PRISMA APP). This is the first time that both digital tower and approach services have been combined as one integrated system. The solution for Billund, Denmark’s second largest airport, will include high resolution panorama view and pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras based on visual and infrared sensors as well as automatic object detection to increase the ATCO’s situational awareness.

“The Frequentis remote digital tower solution is already widely deployed and used operationally, providing air traffic controllers with advanced visual surveillance.”, says Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis Vice President ATM Civil. “Adding automation and approach integration will allow better decision making, reduce controller workload and increase safety. If capacity demands are going to be met and safety levels maintained, working smarter and providing technology to support ATCOs is key.”

The centre will be multi-remote tower ready, meaning further airports wanting to obtain the benefits of RDT can be added in future. This will offer ATCO’s the advantage of additional tools to increase efficiency safely, as well as valuable work experience on a level with larger airports. It also offers airport owners great efficiency gains. An additional benefit of the system is the ability to add military airports. .The approach solution, based on PRISMA, is designed to autonomously process flight plan data and surveillance data for air traffic services (ATS). This includes Safety Net functionality such as short-term conflict detection, area proximity warnings and minimum safe altitude warnings, all designed to assist the ATCO with optimal situational awareness.

The control centre is expected to be operational in Billund in 2022.

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