CPDLC Cockpit delivers unprecedented monitoring capabilities in real-time


The CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communication) Cockpit is a web-based real-time monitoring solution developed by skyguide with the support of Airtel ATN. The solution provides unprecedented capabilities to monitor the CPDLC service quality in real-time through a user-friendly yet powerful search engine and customizable dashboards. It is based on a single cloud-based platform shared by all participating ANSPs and compliant with the European Commission Regulation EC 29/2009.

The benefits of this solution developed by an ANSP for ANSP’s are manifold. Besides being compliant with the European Commission Regulation, the CPDLC Cockpit can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure, its dashboard is flexible and customizable to the ANSP’s needs, the graphical reports and overviews are simple to understand, and the cockpit provides the possibility to independently and remotely monitor VGS behavior – e.g. after a system upgrade.

With the introduction of the CPDLC Cockpit, skyguide provides as well a platform for a CPDLC User Community that will allow to exchange about issues, learnings and improvements in the further utilization of the CPDLC technology.

The identification of systematic improvements, both on a technical, as well as on an operational level are foreseen and an exchange of best practices between participating ANSPs shall be fostered.

With both, the CPDLC Cockpit and the CPDLC Community, skyguide aims to support the current use of the data link service, as well as preparing ANSPs for an increased use of CPDLC in the future.

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