CANSO’s Safety programme gets ready for 2022


Workgroup and task force members who make up CANSO’s safety programme came together recently for three days of collaboration and planning at the Safety Focus: 2022 Kick Off event.

The event was hosted by Osman Saafan, Director Corporate Safety and Security Management and Director Military Affairs at DFS and Chair of CANSO’s Safety Standing Committee, and Sinéad McCloskey, Vice Chair and Senior Director Safety Assurance and Service Operations at Aireon.

On day one, delegates heard about each of the programme’s workgroups and task forces, namely the:

  • Next Generation Safety Management System Workgroup
  • Human Performance Workgroup
  • Cyber Security Task Force
  • Safety Intelligence Workgroup

Each discussed their achievements and challenges experienced in 2021 and outlined their objectives for 2022. On day two, each group held its own breakout session at which members gave their input into plans for 2022, while day three saw each group share the results of those day two discussions with the wider Safety community.

Both meetings had guest appearances as well, with skyguide’s CEO Alex Britsol, CANSO’s Safety Champion, sharing his thoughts on day one, and NATS’ Mike Hornby, Chair of CANSO’s Operations Standing Committee, talking about how the two programmes can work together, on day three.

Summing up the event, Bill Middleswart, CANSO’s Safety Programme Manager, said: “It was great to see the enthusiasm of our group members and hear about the activities they are either currently working on, or have in the pipeline. That was especially the case with things like the current Human Performance Workgroup’s survey, the Cyber Security Task Force’s risk assessment guide, the Next Generation SMS Workgroup’s various initiatives and obvious desire to tell their story more, and the Safety Inteligence Workgroups continued commitment to getting the best from data and benchmarking.”

You can watch the replay of day one here, and of day three here.

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