ATM’s role in driving sustainable aviation


Michael Gill, Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), provides insight into ANSPs’ contribution to climate action and looks ahead to the ATAG Global Sustainable Aviation Forum 2019.

A lot of environmental concerns around air travel focus on the role of aircraft and their fuel efficiency. But associated infrastructure, which include flight paths, also has an important impact on the environment and improvements are made to render flights more environmentally sound.

The route a plane takes, the height it flies, and the weather it flies through all affect the amount of fuel it burns and therefore the emissions it emits. Around the world, air navigation service providers (ANSPs) are helping the industry improve its environmental performance by making better use of airspace design and optimising aircraft performance across all phases of flight and on the ground.

Industry’s collaborative action

Together, ANSPs, airlines, airports, manufacturers of aircraft and their components play their part towards the sustainable growth of air transport. CANSO represents ANSPs in the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) – the global association that brings all sectors of the commercial aviation industry together to advance its sustainable development. Under this umbrella, the industry set out ambitious climate goals, which include halving aviation’s net CO2 emissions by 2050, compared to what they were in 2005.

ATAG Global Sustainable Aviation Forum 2019

Once a year, ATAG provides the global aviation industry a platform to take stock of its climate action and broader sustainability issues and to discuss how the industry can further advance its sustainability agenda.

ATAG will be holding its next Global Sustainable Aviation Forum on Monday 13 May 2019 in Montreal, Canada in partnership with CANSO and all other sectors of the commercial air transport industry, represented by their respective associations (ACIIATAIBAC and ICCAIA).

On the ATAG 2019 agenda

This year’s ATAG Forum features a range of topics, including:

  • Minimising noise from an ANSP, airport and manufacturer’s perspective
  • Air transport as part of sustainable mobility with Jeff Poole, Director General of CANSO
  • The role of technology and sustainable aviation fuels in reducing aviation’s CO2 emissions
  • Review of ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)
  • Prospects for electric and hybrid aircraft
  • Issues of regional importance with representatives from the ICAO Council
  • … and much more

Taking place four months before the 2019 ICAO Assembly, the ATAG Global Sustainable Aviation Forum also provides delegates with a unique opportunity to engage with government stakeholders, other industry representatives and environmental groups to discuss the upcoming negotiations.

Join us and leaders from across the aviation sector together with governments to hear the latest developments, discuss issues and provide input on what will impact the industry’s sustainability agenda.

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