Airspace Q1 2019 – Creating a simulation HUB


HungaroControl recently launched Europe’s largest commercial radar simulator for validation activities. With 34 controller and 27 pilot working positions, the aim is to validate new operational concepts with the contribution of ATCOs proficient in the measured airspace.

In one project, SESAR was looking for ways to optimise airspace and manage traffic in a more seamless and efficient way. Rather than being assigned airspace, controllers are assigned aircraft to manage. This allows a greater flexibility and pooling controllers where the traffic is heaviest eliminates the need to restrict or delay flights.

The Simulation HUB provides a wide range of training, real-time and fast-time simulation projects, and consultancy services for airports, ANSPs, functional airspace blocks and other interested parties. Fast-time simulation (FTS) is a cost-effective way to examine the impact of new operational aspects and helps stakeholders to make informed decisions. The event logs are post-processed through tailored algorithms developed by the fast-time simulation experts. FTS can be used stand-alone or with real-time simulation (RTS).

To create realistic scenarios, Simulation HUB also offers the opportunity to use the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) of ATCOs ‘home’ ATM system reproduced by HungaroControl’s simulation developers. Furthermore, HungaroControl offers basic ATCO training, refresher training and emergency simulations.

Simulation HUB offers a unique service in the region. Besides the SESAR validation in January, ATCOs from ISAVIA and IAC have attended training at HungaroControl.

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