Aireon advancing aviation with investment in next-generation data products


Aireon, the leader in space-based automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) data for the global aviation industry, is set to expand its data product and services portfolio, bolstered by a new credit facility from Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP).

Having already established itself as the best-in-class provider of accurate, reliable, and global ADS-B data, Aireon is leveraging its market-leading position to drive innovation in data analytics and products for the global airspace. Under this new credit facility, Aireon will invest in advanced data analytic capabilities and visualisation tools, aimed at driving increases in safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility for its customers.

“This new credit facility marks an important milestone for Aireon as we take the next steps as a company. In the 11 years since Aireon was created, we have become a critical part of the aviation infrastructure. And now, we are increasing our investment in the business to create new value-added aviation data products for the industry,” said Don Thoma, Aireon CEO.