Air traffic control improves environmental performance


Environmental protection is an integral part of skyguide’s mission. The Swiss air navigation service provider therefore implements its environmental strategy in the two fields of action of air traffic operations and infrastructure. skyguide is also involved in important European research and implementation projects and in national initiatives such as the Federal Action Plan “Exemplary Energy and Climate”.

Efficient operations 
To reduce kerosene consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Skyguide offers airspace users the most fuel-efficient routings possible. Skyguide is also committed to optimising the structure of its airspace and developing new approach and departure procedures to reduce noise, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Investing in infrastructure 
Skyguide is introducing new technologies and energy-optimised systems, such as the Virtual Centre, which offers a centralised data source and will enable more flexible airspace management and more direct routes in future. Another example is the calibration of ground-based navigation equipment, which is increasingly being carried out using energy-efficient drones instead of aircraft.

Involving employees 
Skyguide has been able to significantly reduce the number of business journeys made by its employees while still ensuring communication between its 14 locations and with its partners at home and abroad. For commuting, Skyguide encourages public transportation.

Skyguide is a key partner in strategic national and international initiatives aimed at enhancing aviation’s environmental performance. The specific objectives are set out in the European Commission’s Single European Sky (SES) programme and the European Green Deal.

“As part of the Functional Airspace Block in Central Europe (FABEC), Skyguide is involved not only in Switzerland but also in transnational environmental programmes. In this way, we can reduce the fuel consumption of our customers and also make an important contribution to the environment,” says Alex Bristol, CEO of Skyguide.

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