Aena Selects Searidge and FerroNATS for Remote Tower Program in Spain


Searidge Technologies and FerroNATS today announced Aena, Spain’s airport management company, has selected them to deliver a Remote Tower to control Vigo Airport (VGO). The Searidge and FerroNATS Remote Tower solution will replace direct vision of the aircraft movement zone and the terminal area with 360 degree ultra-high definition video for enhanced situational awareness.

In the initial phase, a virtual remote tower will be implemented at Vigo Airport, at a facility independent of the current conventional tower, to provide Air Traffic Control (ATC) services for the airport. In the next phase, the Vigo implementation will become a Remote Tower Control (RTC) centre, from which ATC will be provided for three airports: Vigo plus two other airports, to be confirmed by Aena at a later date.

“We look forward to working with Aena and Searidge to advance air traffic services in Spain with market leading technology,” says Pablo Caballero Lagrú, Managing Director FerroNATS. “The Remote Tower concept offers operational and safety benefits that enable safer and more effective service compared to what a new conventional tower can offer.”

“Searidge and FerroNATS entered a joint venture to support Aena’s vision for a remote tower centre in Spain,” says Moodie Cheikh, CEO, Searidge Technologies. “FerroNATS’ operational experience and knowledge of Spain’s air traffic management environment, combined with our digital tower pedigree, will enable us to deliver a robust solution that addresses both Aena’s technology and operational requirements.”