PASSUR and Aireon announce agreement to power aviation data analytics, collaboration, and digital decision support solutions globally


PASSUR® Aerospace, Inc. an industry leader in predictive analytics and collaboration, and Aireon LLC, leader in global space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B), today announced an agreement that will integrate Aireon’s global, gate-to-gate ADS-B dataset, into PASSUR’s AR\VA platform. This integration will be the first to feature Aireon’s air traffic service (ATS) surveillance-quality data feed including high-fidelity, low latency airport surface surveillance and global International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)- compliant flight tracking on PASSUR’s AR\VA platform. The partnership will also power PASSUR’s predictive arrival times (ETA) and constraint forecasting services, delivering advanced disruption management, as well as PASSUR’s unique collaborative airfield management solutions, to any airline, airport, or business aviation service provider globally.

PASSUR AR\VA — a single platform, cloud based solution, available across multiple devices — delivers greater efficiency in airline and airport operations management, resource utilization and improved throughput through industry-leading flight trajectory forecasting technology; advanced predictability in airline demand and air traffic/airport capacity; collaborative airfield traffic workflow; and operational disruption alerting and resolution.

The global availability of PASSUR’s advanced predictive analytics empowers the global aviation industry to accelerate automation and optimization — critical for reducing the USD $24B in costs caused by disruption and uncertainty. At a major US airline, the financial impact of reducing scheduled block time by just one minute is approximately USD $100M.

“The combination of Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data, including its newest surface surveillance data set, with PASSUR’s advanced decision support, expands our ability to deliver actionable automation, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence — with a clear path to return on investment,” said Brian Cook, CEO of PASSUR Aerospace.“ “With our current industry conditions, it is more important than ever to make smart technology investments that reduce costs and compensate for lost expertise.”

“Aireon’s global air traffic surveillance data will now be expanded to include airport surface data. With its gate-to-gate, high-fidelity coverage, Aireon data will enable PASSUR products to facilitate more accurate and actionable decision-support and provide a greater level of prediction capabilities,” said Cyriel Kronenburg, Vice President of Aviation Services at Aireon. “We are delighted to partner with PASSUR to offer enhanced airfield management solutions to airports and airlines, as well airspace optimization solutions. Transparency and prediction are two of the major common denominators in providing highly accurate air traffic management products.”

PASSUR is now accepting pre-sales inquiries and demo requests for the new PASSUR services, powered by Aireon. Simply fill out this short online form.