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Organisation overview

Transoft Solutions offers state-of-the-art software and services to the global aviation industry. With software that ranges from supporting airport and airspace modeling to evaluating air traffic complexity in real time, Transoft’s mission is to provide solutions that help create and maintain safe and efficient airport and airspace environments. With headquarters in Richmond, Canada, and regional offices around the world, Transoft serves customers all over the world.


Used by ANSPs, airport authorities, airlines, research labs, and consulting companies, AirTOP is Transoft’s advanced fast-time air traffic and airport complexity modeling, simulation, and assessment tool. AirTOP’s airspace modules allow users to assess and improve airspace and airport capacity through scenario development, testing, editing, fast-time simulation, and reporting via a single interface. For example, the software’s En Route module facilitates rule-based modeling of controller workload, conflict detection and resolution, tactical rerouting and level/speed control, while Flow Management supports the modeling of 4D Trajectory Based Operations (TBOs), and the TMA/TRACON module simulates all key departure and arrival controller tasks.


AirTOP WIZer supports Area Control Center (ACC) supervisors, Flow Management Positions (FMPs), traffic managers, and airport operators with key decision-making, by providing detailed up-to-the-minute forecasts of air traffic situations and sector loads. By connecting to live data streams, WIZer provides users with current real-time traffic demand to assist in forecasting and assessing traffic complexity and controller workload. It also provides the option to evaluate “what-if” scenarios to optimize operations in the coming hours.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Senior VP, Aviation : Mr. Ben van Leest

Country: Canada

Telephone number: +1 604 244 8387


Head office:

Suite 350 – 13700 International Place
Richmond, BC, Canada
V6V 2X8