Organisation Overview

Every day the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency ensures safety of passengers in thousands manned flights over Poland, and coordinates
thousands of total 1 000 000 yearly submitted drone flights in the Pansa UTM system. We have one of the biggest airspace in Europe: over 334,000 km2. Almost one million overflights, approaches, take-offs and landings in 2019 were supervised by nearly 600 air traffic controllers employed in the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, as well as almost 260,000 General Aviation flights under watch of the Flight Information Service (FIS).

Before the COVID pandemic in 2019, air traffic growth in Poland was nearly five per cent, while in the whole European network it was just above one per cent.

Our air traffic controllers are supported by advanced technology. Over 200 devices located throughout Poland guarantee the safety of air
traffic within the Polish airspace: air-ground communication systems, RNAV systems, ILS – DME systems supporting smooth and precise
landing in low visibility, radars. We are responsible for advanced aviation infrastructure – we conceive the idea, create and develop.

As an organisation that is strategically oriented to safety, effectiveness and development, we perfectly understand the current needs and
requirements of the aviation market. The challenges related to ensuring smooth air traffic and effective airspace management, including
matters of sustainable development and innovation, put us in a position of competence and experience to offer vide range of ATM and UTM
products and services.

We are a part of aviation world which grows dynamically, and we grow together with it.

Number of Towers Operated14
Number of Area Control Centres1
Number of Employees1,832
Number of ATCOs613

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

President: Ms. Magdalena Jaworska

Country: Poland

Telephone number: +48 (22) 574 5000

Fax number: +48 (22) 574 5009


Head office:

Wiezowa 8 St.
Warsaw 02-147