NTT DATA Corporation


Organisation Overview

Since established in1988, NTT DATA Corporation has accumulated expertise over the entire process, from consulting to system construction and operation. We have done so through the development of socially embedded, mission-critical IT system infrastructures for such sectors as public administration, healthcare, finance and settlement, as well as in solutions that answers our customers’ management issues. 

Besides, NTT DATA Corporation has 30 years of experience in the Aviation Domain, and provided ATM, RDP, ADS and many other systems in this domain. We have an Unix-based Flight Procedure Design system for more than 10 years. Two of ICAO IFPP advisors are working in NTT DATA Group.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Masahiro Iwata

Country: Japan

Telephone number: +813 3532 5413

Fax number: +813 5546 9094


Head office:

Toyosu Center Bldg,
Annex, 3-3
Toyosu Kouto-Ku,
Tokyo 135-6033