Organisation Overview

Naviair is an independent infrastructure company owned by the Danish state with activities both in Danish and North Atlantic airspace.

Naviair owns 50 % of NUAC – the first and still the only – integrated operating company in Europe responsible for en route ATM in a joint FAB – The Danish-Swedish FAB. Free Route Airspace was implemented in the Danish-Swedish FAB as early as in 2011.

As partner in COOPANS, Naviair contributes to harmonise procedures and standardise the ATM systems in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Austria and Croatia.  By now seven control centres in the five countries are fully harmonised. By September Portugal will be a member of COOPANS as well.

Naviair is partner and co-owner of Aireon. Aireon will set up the world’s first satellite-based global aviation surveillance system by 2018.

Our partnerships also count the Air Traffic Services training academy Entry Point North and the Borealis Alliance.

Number of Towers Operated7
Number of Area Control Centres1
Number of Employees625
Number of ATCOs302

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

CEO: Mr. Anders Rex

Country: Denmark

Telephone number: +45 3247 8000

Fax number: +45 3247 8800


Head office:

Naviair Alle 1
2770 Kastrup