Organisation Overview

NANSC – Egypt is one of the leading ANSPs in Africa and the Middle East. A state owned company, is committed to providing outstanding ATM services within Egyptian airspace, serving 22 airports across the country. Given Egypt’s strategic location, the provision of ATM services in Egyptian airspace helps bridge the three continents of Africa, Europe and Asia. 

NANSC was originally set up as an independent entity affiliated with the Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation. However, NANSC is continually evolving, transforming itself to meet the needs of its customers. NANSC runs its own business as well as managing huge projects, such as the modernisation of ATM systems, the construction of a new fabulous control tower, the construction of an extension to the new administrative premises… and much more, all in a self financing and cost effective manner. 

Mindful of the important results of the regional and international collaboration, NANSC, plays a key role in the Middle East, with effective and dynamic participation in several international bodies and organisations including ICAO, CANSO, EUR, AFI, ACAC, and NAFISAT. NANSC has been an associate member in the Blue-Med FAB initiative to extend the Single European Sky concept beyond the geographical boundaries of Europe, as this will objectively achieve a safer, better performing air traffic network for airspace users. 

NANSC is also an active member of CANSO’s Middle East Region. The Egypt-Saudi cooperation programme of ATM integration was launched in 2008 to achieve ATM priorities such as Radar Data Exchange, OLDI, AMHS, AXIM and e-TOD. In addition, ATCOs of Yemen have been trained by NANSC. 

To make full use of aircraft capabilities, Performance-based Navigation procedures have been implemented at the main international airports. NANSC is consistently modernising the CNS/ATM systems to meet the ever-increasing flow of air traffic. With all these initiatives, NANSC spares no effort in achieving the highest level of safety, transforming the aviation industry and meeting our stakeholders’ expectations.

Number of Towers Operated22
Number of Area Control Centres1
Number of Employees2,305
Number of ATCOs700

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Ehab Azmy

Country: Egypt

Telephone number: +20 (2) 2267 5948 / +20 (2) 2268 0623

Fax number: +20 (2) 2268 0629


Head office:

NANSC Office Building, Cargo
Village Rd., Cairo, Egypt


Middle East