Micro Nav


Organisation Overview

Who is Micro Nav Limited?

Micro Nav Limited (Micro Nav) is the leading, award-winning developer and supplier of air traffic control and air defence simulators and training systems, with an unbroken track record since 1988.

What is our experience?

Founded by two air traffic controllers, Micro Nav has extensive experience in civil and military ATC, providing its BEST simulation products ‘for controllers, by controllers’.

BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is the single-solution product for multiple purposes, including testing, research, development, evaluation, as well as training. BEST has many features included as standard, providing the user with a customisable, flexible and scalable solution.

What does BEST offer?

Product suites include BEST Tower – a fully-featured single solution for Tower environments, displaying an enhanced 3D environment with BEST 3D and BEST 3D Create; and BEST Radar – providing both radar and procedural capabilities for approach and area control, allowing for all types of training.

Micro Nav is an expert in ATC stimulation through BEST Link. BEST Link provide replica data formats and links for the stimulation of operational equipment. This capability allows for on-console training, software validation, adaptation data set testing and validation, interface testing and validation, plus configuration testing and validation, all from the familiar and powerful BEST platform.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Country: United Kingdom

Telephone number: + 44 (1202) 764 444

Fax number: + 44 (1202) 545 079

E-mail: sales@micronav.co.uk

Head office:

41-47 Seabourne Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth, BH5 2HU