LPS SR, š. p.


Organisation Overview

LPS is an air navigation services provider within the Slovak airspace and at assigned international aerodromes. It is the holder of the Certificate pursuant to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) 550/2004 in the field of ATS, CNS and AIS. In addition, under authority of the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications, LPS is charged with the organisation of Search and Rescue service. LPS provides all services in line with ICAO and national rules. 

Moreover, the Safety Management System and Quality Management System are implemented throughout the company. The service provision is supported by the state-of-the-art ATM technologies including advanced communication, navigation and surveillance systems.

LPS is one of the participants working on joint implementation plan for establishment and operation of a functional airspace block in the upper and lower airspace of seven countries (FAB CE).

The mission of LPS is stated in the Strategic Business Plan: “Constantly improve the safety, expeditiousness and orderly flow of air traffic with the minimum possible costs, paying due respect and protection to air passengers and to the environment.” 

No. of Towers Operated:  5
No. of ACCs:  1
No. of Employees:  497
Total number of ATCOs:  122
Total number of Operational ATCOs:  120

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

CEO: Mr. Miroslav Boháč

Country: Slovak Republic

Telephone number: +421 2 4857 2100

Fax number: +421 2 4857 2105

E-mail: info@lps.sk

Head office:

Ivanská cesta 93, 823 07 Bratislava, Slovakia