Laminaar Aviation Infotech


Organisation Overview

Laminaar Aviation Infotech is a software and solutions provider for the aviation industry. Headquartered in Singapore, with offices and labs in Denver USA, Bangalore and Mumbai India, the company has successfully delivered automation and digitalisation solutions to the industry for two decades. Leading ANSPs, airports, ground handling companies and airlines are among its clients and Laminaar’s solutions power the operations of 70 aviation businesses across the globe. 

Solutions for ANSPs & Airports

The hallmark of the Laminaar’s software suite is ease-of-use and flexible deployment. Modular and easy to customize. Built using future proof tech stacks, they are set up for longevity, low total cost of ownership and high returns on investment. Laminaar ensures that its software solutions are always aligned to the regulatory compliance and demands of the industry.

Resource management for long-term planning to the day of operation

Maximize productivity of your operations, ATCOs and other 24/7 staff, reduce costs with our integrated and highly optimized Resource management system. Our solution is comprised of solutions that break down silos, tracks fatigue (FRMS), and ensures regulatory compliance and aligned with customised labour laws.

Digital transformation is managed by aviation veterans, in-house ASNP experts lead the design and development of its product suite for ANSPs & Airports.

Laminaar’s solutions are tested and proven with civil and military, government agencies and civil aviation authorities.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Vicky Sheorey

Country: Singapore

Telephone number: +65 8617 9276


Head office:

22 Changi Business Park Central 2,
#02-03/05 Kingsmen Building, Singapore 486032