HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co.


Organisation Overview

HungaroControl is a 100% state-owned enterprise providing air navigation services in Hungary’s airspace and offering basic and advanced training for air traffic control personnel.  The company’s mission is to maintain safe and reliable service in an efficient, customer oriented, cost-effective and transparent manner.

HungaroControl operates a state-of-the-art control centre in Budapest.  Its Centre of Research, Development and Simulation (CRDS) has Central Europe’s largest advanced ATC simulation facility, and the company provides basic ATCO training at the Entry Point Central ATS Academy, a joint venture with Scandinavian partners.

Its world class technology makes HungaroControl into one of the most effient and most reliable air navigation service providers of Central Europe – and the work of its highly trained professionals has earned worldwide recognition.  Moreover, HungaroControl also has remarkable traditions in training, simulation, and research and development, on the basis of which, in cooperation with its professional partners, intends to create Central Europe’s dynamically developing air navigation knowledge centre in Budapest in the coming years.

HungaroControl is an active promoter of regional integration and co-operation within the Single European Sky.  The Company’s strategic aim is to create efficient and market-driven bilateral and multilateral collaborations offering added value, without institutional contraints and along the lines of shared interests.  This includes HungaroControl’s active participation in FAB CE, Gate One and JSPA.

Towers operated:1
Number of ACCs:1
Total number of ATCOs:173 
Total number of operational ATCOs:       173

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Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Kornel Szepessy

Country: Hungary

Telephone number: +361 293 4444

Fax number: +361 293 4343


Head office:

H-1675 Budapest,
POB 80