EANA (Empresa Argentina de Navegación) provides an essential public service: management of the Argentine Air Navigation Service. The company’s country-wide network includes 53 aerodromes and airports, plus five regional area control centres.

The establishment of EANA in early 2016 completed the transfer of the Air Navigation Service to civilian management, starting a process whereby resources were regrouped under a single name and key goals of constant innovation, improved staff training, environmental care as well as setting ever higher quality standards.

Empresa Argentina de Navegación (EANA) is a decentralised company owned by the Ministry of Transport of the Argentine Republic, with the Ministry of Defence holding a minority stake.

Our vision

Our vision is to be an air navigation service provider achieving national as well as international recognition for its constant pursuit of excellence, a highly-competitive spirit founded upon the principles of operational safety and the recognition of the virtues of team work, innovation, creativity, diversity and professional development. Also, we aim to be self-sustained and to plan, organise and develop our service through constant enhancement.

Our challenge

EANA faces a double challenge: to support the strong increase in air traffic Argentina has seen in the last five years as well as to meet projected growth in the near term. Given its key role of facilitator of air traffic growth, EANA is rapidly moving towards implementation of an investment plan and training its staff to meet its present needs.

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Country: Argentina

Telephone number: +541 143 203 919

Head office:

Rivadavia 578, 5th Floor Buenos Aires, C-100 2 AAQ Argentina



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