42 Solutions


Organisation Overview

We are a software development company. It is our purpose to contribute to a safer and securer world. We do so by IT consultancy, software development, maintenance and software support. EUROCONTROL, Becker Avionics, H&D and NLR are partners. Our solutions are used in civil and military air traffic management, defence and security. In these sectors we serve amongst others all members of EUROCONTROL, German Air Force, LVNL, Royal Dutch Air Force and NATO. The categories in which we develop solutions are as follows.


Situational Awareness, Data Communication and Fusion, Sensor Analysis, Tracker Tuning, Fallback Systems


ASMGCS, Safety Nets, Incident Investigation


Cross Border Coordination, Collaborative Decision Making, Civil-Military Coordination, Security nets

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Walter Strijland

Country: The Netherlands

Telephone number: +31 40 239 0720

Fax number: +31 40 239 0800

E-mail: bd-atm@42solutions.nl

Head office:

De Zaale 11,
5612 AJ Eindhoven