HungaroControl selects CERTIUM Locate for increased air traffic safety


CERTIUM Locate, the latest direction finding system from Rohde & Schwarz, will be rolled out by HungaroControl to enhance the performance of air traffic control in a crowded segment of European airspace.

HungaroControl provides air navigation services in Hungarian airspace and – on a NATO assignment – in the upper airspace over Kosovo. The Hungarian ANSP has safely managed more than one million flights in 2019 and awarded Rohde & Schwarz a contract to provide the CERTIUM Locate solution consisting of seven R&S DF-ATC-S direction finding systems in combination with a central location server that interfaces with the main ATM system.

CERTIUM Locate increases the ATC controller’s situational awareness by clearly geo-referencing calling aircraft on the radar screen. The scalable location system meets the requirements of large airports and area control centers since it geolocates aircraft in airport areas and en-route. The direction finders are installed on masts and housed in compact outdoor boxes, providing direction finding results for all frequency channels to the central location server for geolocating aircraft. Integrated in existing ATM systems, controllers can safely handle numerous flights even when traffic volume is high and they will experience a dramatic reduction of psychological stress. This helps to avoid confusion and saves precious seconds when controlling an ever more crowded airspace.

“Hungarian air traffic controllers safely managed nearly 758,000 overflights across Hungarian airspace, while Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport’s movements increased by 6.5 percent in 2019, reaching nearly 122,000 flights. To overcome the increasing demand in capacity, we are constantly pushing the boundaries with innovative solutions. Beyond our own research and development activities we carefully select leading industry suppliers to improve our integrated ATM system, Matias,” Kornél Szepessy, HungaroControl CEO, says. “Rohde & Schwarz’ ATC direction finders are a cost effective way to provide valuable information during communications between pilot and controller for safe air traffic control.”

“We are very proud to provide HungaroControl with our latest technology,” Constantin von Reden, Vice President Market Segment ATC at Rohde & Schwarz explains. “We have an excellent cooperation with our customer who benefits from our expertise in providing complete ATC direction finding systems as a turnkey solution. It is part of our advanced CERTIUM universe.”

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