Exemplary in energy – skyguide consistently implements its energy strategy and increases energy efficiency by 37%


Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider, is making a significant contribution to reducing air traffic emissions and its own energy consumption through targeted measures and specific projects. Since 2006, skyguide has increased its own energy efficiency by 37.4%.

Skyguide invests on the ground in efficiency measures and in the air in improved traffic management while maintaining or increasing safety levels. Skyguide attaches high priority to resource-saving air traffic management.

In order to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases in air traffic, skyguide undertakes to direct its aircraft as directly as possible to their destination. To this end, air navigation services have developed a network of direct flight routes over Switzerland, which reduces aircraft waiting times prior to take-off and landing and improved several technical systems.

Skyguide’s infrastructure is based on energy-optimised IT systems using virtualisation, which it develops in accordance with Green IT best practices. The virtualisation rate for office automation servers is already 98%, and the rate for air navigation services systems is also rising constantly.

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