Outsourcing data services – the business case for change

While various work groups manage the technical implications of outsourcing data services, CANSO and Egis partnered to bring an exclusive, invitation only webinar which looked at the business case for ANSPs, and explored the strategic drivers to using ATM Data Service Providers and the building blocks for implementation.

A group of top speakers was assembled by Egis and CANSO to speak at the webinar, which was co-chaired by Alex Bristol, Chief Executive Office, skyguide, and CANSO Champion for ATM Data Service Providers (ADSP), and Ben Stanley, Director at Helios (an Egis company).

Each is already working on data outsourcing initiatives and they shared their perspectives on why change is needed, the options ahead, and the big questions to answer.

This invitation-only event was aimed at decision makers in ANSPs and member states and national supervisory authorities.

Agenda and speakers

Welcome & scene-setting

Session 1 ANSP perspectives on why and how you make the case for outsourcing data services

  • Guillaume Ramonet, Coflight Programme Director, DSNA
  • Maurizio Romano, SESAR 2020 WP lead (Delegation of Services), ENAV
  • Jarosław Niewiński, Head of Innovations, PANSA

Mapping the move towards ATM Data Service Providers (ADSP)

  • Maja Marciniak, Senior Consultant, Helios (an Egis company): The building blocks essential for creating ADSPs
  • Michiel van Dorst, Chief Executive Officer, LVNL: ‘From where we sit’ – challenges and opportunities

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Event Details

14 December 2020 @ 14:00 to 15:45 CET



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