Regional focus: Team Resource Management (TRM) in ATC

Regional focus: Team Resource Management (TRM) in ATC.

This webinar was presented in Spanish and was by invitation only

This Spanish language webinar was held on 9 December and helped attendees learn how Team Resource Management (TRM) in ATC uses all available resources to support a safe and efficient operation to reduce errors.

TRM improves the teamwork of air traffic controllers, and increases the awareness, and understanding, of interpersonal behaviour, including positive attitudes.

The webinar focused on elements such as stress management, decision making, communication and teamwork.

It was presented by Miguel Caparrós Ruiz, Head of ATC Training at Flight Training Europe , FTEJerez.

About Miguel Caparrós Ruiz

Miguel Caparrós Ruiz, Head of ATC Training at Flight Training Europe , FTEJerez.

Having spent 22 years in the Spanish Navy, first as a radar operator and later as an air traffic controller, in 2010 Miguel decided to get involved in setting up the first private ATC training center in Spain. FTE was already a world renowned pilot training academy, which gave us a unique insight about how aviation works.

Since 2010, Miguel has been the Director of the Air Traffic Control Academy, managing a group of talented and enthusiastic staff who work hard every single day to help students reach their full potential.

Miguel is also in charge of the language department where pilots and controllers have their English and Spanish language proficiency assessed according to ICAO levels, and Miguel is responsible for managing operations in Trebujena airport, which is a small aerodrome located not far from FTEJerez.

Academically, he holds a degree in Education and a Masters’ degree in Psychoeducation from Cádiz University.


The webinar covered:

  • What is TRM and why is it needed?
  • Objectives of TRM

Situational awareness including:

  • What is situational awareness?
  • Effects of high and low workload on situational awareness
  • Causes and effects of loss of situational awareness
  • Symptoms of loss of situational awareness – individuals and team members
  • Mitigating loss of situational awareness

Decision making including:

  • What is decision-making?
  • Types of behaviour and how they lead to effective or ineffective decisions
  • Analysis of a typical controller’s decision-making process
  • Development of a structured decision-making process

The function of interpersonal and technical communication including:

  • Typical methods of communication among operational staff, and their effect on safety
  • How emotions and personal traits can affect communication
  • How to communicate and intervene effectively
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • The importance of active listening

Stress management including:

  • Stress and its effect in teams
  • Different strategies to reduce stress symptoms
  • Stress recognition
  • Yerkes-Dodson stress model

Event Details

9 December 2020 @ 17:00 to 18:30 CET



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