Regional Focus: Introducing the CADENCE Operational Information System in Asia Pacific

CANSO has partnered with CGH Technologies to provide an Operational Information System (OIS) known as CADENCE. CADENCE stands for CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for Cooperative Excellence. This new OIS facilitates information sharing and promotes common situational awareness to improve collaborative decision-making (CDM) – an important component of ATFM – among ANSPs and stakeholders worldwide.

Following a briefing to the APAC CANSO CEO Committee (APC3) on 16 March, CANSO held a webinar for its members and others in the Asia Pacific region to discuss the capabilities of CADENCE OIS.

The session gave an in-depth overview of the new system, and discussed how it can benefit ANSPs and other industries in the aviation sector.

Our agenda covered

  • CADENCE OIS concept
  • Full demonstration of the CADENCE OIS
  • Implementation globally and in APAC 
  • Benefits for ANSPs with ATFM (e.g. AMNAC ANSPs)
  • Benefits for ANSPs without ATFM
  • Specific benefits for the region in having an OIS to support air traffic recovery during the pandemic
  • ANSP participation: What is required ? What information could be shared? How will information be shared and how frequently?
  • Other stakeholders (e.g. airlines and airports): What is expected from them?
  • How is the CADENCE OIS supported and what to do if there are technical issues?
  • Next Steps
  • Q&A

Our speakers

  • Ms Coleen Hawrysko, Operations Programme manager, CANSO
  • Mr. Joe Hof, CGH Technologies, Co-Chair CADENCE Task Force
  • Ms Midori Tanino, FAA, Co-Chair CADENCE Task Force
  • Mr. Stuart Ratcliffe, Co-Chair CANSO ATFM/CDM Workgroup

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Event Details

4 May 2021 @ 04:00 to 06:00 UTC



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