Africa Safety and Operations Workshop – Recommitting Ourselves to Safety in Operations

Last year, we hosted our second joint Safety and Operations workshop for the CANSO member experts from across Africa. Following on this success, the members have agreed to meet again this year with the aim of bringing together our operations and safety experts under one roof.

The main objective for the workshop is to recommit to our collaboration efforts while reinforcing the safety in operations message. Recently CANSO has made significant strides in delivering on regional programs, namely FRA/UPR and Peer Review Mechanism.  Furthermore, CANSO is working closely with key regional stakeholders such as ICAO, AFRAA, and IATA to delivery on joint initiatives. These new approaches will require new ways of working and more commitment from members. The theme for this workshop is Recommitting Ourselves to Safety in Operations.

Hosted by Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) from 21 – 24 May, the workshop will bring together the regional experts and workgroup members in Accra, Ghana. It will be structured in such a way that cross-cutting issues are covered in the plenary, while giving the different work streams their own breakaway sessions. Furthermore, the workshop will also host global speakers from within the CANSO family.

The workshop will highlight the following activities by CANSO members:

  • The CANSO Members have, with the support of ICAO, finalised the process of redesigning the Peer Review Mechanism. CANSO is now working with ICAO to stage a training workshop for the reviewers before the official launch of the redesigned framework
  • CANSO, working with regional stakeholders (AFRAA, ICAO IATA and various ANSPs), is the co-lead of the FRA/UPR Trials initiative for Africa. Working within the parameters of the ICAO PMT on FRA, this team is assisting the region in advancing implementation through trials and by taking lessons from global partners in the Latin America region. Part of the next steps will involve the introduction of the CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for Cooperative Excellence (CADENCE) framework as a possible support tool for the implementation of Free Routing Airspace in Africa.
  • Coming out of the 26th APIRG (AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group) meeting, CANSO is recommitting itself to finding synergies and to working with partners in more areas than before. In this regard, CANSO is engaged in the planning phase with ICAO regional offices on Cybersecurity, ATFM and RPAS/UTM initiatives. More details will be revealed in the next few months.

In the light of the above, the core objectives of the workshop are:

  • Recommitting our teams to safety in our operations and reinforcing the safety culture message.
  • Learning from recent successes of collaboration and finding ways to enhance and replicate them.
  • Focus on implementation and meaningful contribution towards regional programmes.
  • Aligning what we do to new ways of working including such concepts as the CATS Global Council Vision 2045.
  • Address critical topics such “Cybersecurity, AI and the ATM Industry”.

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The Workshop will be held at:

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Our programme

While the full programme is being finalised, here is an outline of what you can expect of our meeting in Accra.

Tuesday 21 May

08:00-09:00Arrival and Registration
09:15-10:30Setting the Scene

Thabani Myeza, Director Africa Affairs, CANSO
Eric Amaning – GCAA

Official Opening Addresses
Hamza Johari, AFC3 Chair  & DG TCAA (remote)
Charles Kraikue, Director General, GCAA
GCAA Board Chairman
Deputy Minister – Ministry of Transport, Ghana

This session will be followed by a group photograph.
10:30-11:00Networking Break
11:00-13:00Plenary / Cross-cutting Issues / Presentations and Discussions

Air Traffic Management, Air Traffic Safety and AI
A discussion about types and levels of automation, proposals for GANP and ASBU updates, and use applications including safety applications.

Eduardo Garcia, Senior Manager, Future Skies, CANSO

AI and ATM Applications
A look at real world applications and lessons learned.

Craig Partridge, Director Sales and Business Development, Frequentis
13:00-14:00Networking Lunch
Plenary / Cross-cutting Issues / Presentations & Discussions – CONTINUED

14 :00-14 :45
Cybersecurity in the ATM environment
Cybersecurity – Standard of Excellence
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Online Tool
Other key topics

Pete Clay, Chief Information Security Officer, Aireon

14 :45-15 :30
Regional Infrastructure Gap Analysis – A path towards the seamless operations
15:30-16:00Networking Break
16:00-16:30Looking for open doors – towards broader regional collaboration – UPR/FRA Trials Case Study

Gaoussou Konate, Consulting Technical Director, AFRAA
16:30-17:00Unpacking the New Peer Review Mechanism – a framework for the whole ANS environment

Peer Review Task Force members
17:00-17:30Recap & Summary of the day

Thabani Myeza, Regional Director, CANSO

Debrief on Breakaway sessions

Workgroup Chairs and Task Force Leads

Wednesday 22 May

09:00-10:30Safety Workgroup

2024 Work plan alignment

William Amoako, AFI Safety Workgroup Chair
Human Performance
SoE in Human Performance – overview, structure, starter kit and more

Lea-Sophie Vink, Chair, Global HP Workgroup
09:00-10:30Operations Workgroup
09:00 – 09:15
2024 Work plan alignment (Chair to decide on how and when to integrate)

Simon Zwane, AFI Ops Workgroup Chair

09:15 – 10:30
Report on UAS/UTM Survey, where to from here?

John Kwofie, GCAA

Presentation on UTM from Zipline,  A Real World Case Study


Ghana Drone Management (DMO) activities

Daniel Nartey, GCAA
10:30-11:00Networking Break
11:00-13:00Live Take – EUROCONTROL/CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems Measurement Questionnaire – Overview and Q/A Webinar

Group discussion for workshop participants : What action for the AFI Region?

William Amoako, William Amoako, AFI Safety Workgroup Chair
Tembisa Mapike
13:00-14:00Networking Lunch
14:00-15:30Safety Workgroup – Continued

Safety Promotion
Mini Workshop session looking at:
Establishment and Operationalisation of CISM in ATM
CISM Implementation Lessons – The KCAA Experience.
Just Culture Implementation in African Context
Fatigue/Stress Management 
The Importance of CANSO SoE in SMS participation (cover as necessary)

Dr. Jaco van der Westhuizen, ATNS
14:00-15:30Operations Workgroup – Continued

Session objectives:
ATFM benefits
How ATFM contributes to safety
Types of ATFM Implementation (Domestic / Regional examples)
What type of ATFM implementation is most suitable for the AFI Region? – Discussion
Recommendations, Next steps for the AFI Region
Demonstration; CDM Teleconference
Presentation: ATFM solution and experience – ASECNA

Simon Zwane, ATNS/CANSO,
Nicki Harricharan, Operations Programme Manager, CANSO
Stuart Ratcliffe, Aireon
Sugoon Fucharoen, Aerothai
15:30-16:00Networking Break
Safety and Operations Workgroup sessions continue

Thursday 23 May

09:00-11:00Safety Workgroup

CYBERSECURITY – Breakaway session

Cybersecurity Report on collaboration with ICAO

Hussaini Jibrin, AFI Cybersecurity TF Lead

Additional take on Cybersecurity SoE, Maturity Level Online Platform

Hussaini Jibrin, AFI Cybersecurity TF Lead

GCAA/NAMA Cybersecurity Initiatives

09:00-11:00Operations Workgroup
SWIM Task Force Regroup:
Regional SWIM Survey – Project Tracking and expansion plans

Daniel Bateeze and Task Force members

Possible presentation – one member update
11:00-11:30Networking Break
11:30-13:00Safety Workgroup – Continued

2024 Work plan alignment
Peer Review Discussion – CANSO Members
11:30-13:00Operations Workgroup – Continued

2024 Work plan alignment
13:00-14:00Networking Lunch
14:00-15:15Breakaway sessions – Session Report and Feedback Development
15:15-15:30Networking Break
15:30-17:00Early break to prepare for Workshop Dinner
17:00Buses depart Workshop Hotel for Workshop Dinne
18:00-21:30Workshop Dinner – Labadi Beach Hotel

Friday 24 May

09:00-10:15Safety Workgroup Report Feedback and Conclusions
10:15-10:45Networking Break
10:45-12:15 Operations Workgroup Report Feedback and Conclusions

Overall, Way Forward
12:15-13:00Official Closing Session

Vote of thanks

William Amoako – Chair Safety WG

Workshop remarks
Thabani Myeza, Director Africa Affairs, CANSO

Closing remarks
Charles Kraikue, Director General, GCAA
13:00-14:00Networking Lunch

Practical information

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21 – 24 May 2024

Accra, Ghana

Lancaster Hotel


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