How modern networking technologies can help ANSPs meet new CNS requirements

The joint presentation from EUROCONTROL and Nokia will inform you on CNS development in Europe and the SESAR Airspace architecture study that identifies the need for modernisation of the Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) infrastructure, amongst other, to offer services for new airspace users like drones. In addition, Nokia will discuss mission-critical networks for ANSPs which shall include capabilities in supporting both, current legacy services and applications as well as next generation ANSP services.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Current and future development in Europe for CNS
  • Key networking features such as shared multicast and network synchronization when supporting legacy applications


  • Jacky Pouzet, Head of Communication and Frequency Coordination, EUROCONTROL
    Jacky Pouzet is the EUROCONTROL Head of Communication and Frequency Coordination, in charge of activities and projects aiming at enabling the appropriate aviation communication infrastructure supporting the exchange of data and voice between airspace users (mobile and fixed). Jacky was heavily involved in several Communication Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) PAN European R&D and implementation projects related to ATM such as: the Future Communication Infrastructure, the Pan European Network Services (PENS), and more recently the Network Manager Radio Frequency Function, Datalink and Voice over IP. Jacky is also the EUROCONTROL ICAO Communication Panel member since 2005. 
    Jacky earned a Master of Science degree in signal processing from CPE-Lyon, France. Before joining EUROCONTROL in 1993 he developed Real Time Network systems for airborne and ground military applications, he was also heavily involved in mobile IP secured networking architectures and technology developments.
  • Mervyn Harris, Global Head for Air Traffic management (ATM) Business, Nokia
    Mervyn is currently Global Head for Air Traffic management (ATM) Business in Nokia and has over twenty-five years’ experience of working in the ATM market with UK National Air Traffic Services and most recently SITA. Mervyn has established himself as a world authority on emerging concepts and services set to transform global ATM within the Communication, Navigational and Surveillance (CNS) environment.
    Mervyn was a key contributor to the development of the Pan European Networks Services (PENS) in Europe and played a vital role in similar projects globally.
  • Dave Sargent, Regional Business Development Manager, Nokia
    Dave Sargent is a regional Business Development Manager at Nokia, responsible for Global Enterprise and Public Sector. In this role he provides technical support and product / technology knowledge to the internal sales as well as working closely with customers to define solutions and to understand their specific requirements to meet their current and future needs. Dave has over 15 years of product and technology experience covering the former TDM and ATM portfolios from Newbridge networks as well as detailed knowledge on the 7705 SAR. Dave also provides technical support for the synchronization solution across the IP portfolio.

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28 May 2020



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