Collaboration and Alignment, Towards a Solutions-based Approach – A CANSO Operations and Safety Workshop

In 2022, we hosted our first joint Operations and Safety workshop for the CANSO Member experts from across Africa. Following the success of that event, the Members agreed to meet again this year with the aim of bringing together our operations and safety experts under one roof.

The main objective of our meeting this year was to enhance collaboration among our experts by providing a platform where cross-cutting topics, challenges and solutions can be discussed. This year we focussed on joint initiatives where members and, in some cases, industry stakeholders can work together on various solutions. The theme for this workshop was Collaboration and alignment, towards a solutions-based Approach.

In the spirit of finding solutions, this year the CANSO Members have, with support from ICAO, taken the lead in redesigning the Peer Review Mechanism. Recently, CANSO Africa has worked with the ICAO Project Management Team (PMT) on Free Route Airspace (FRA), and we have introduced the CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for Cooperative Excellence (CADENCE) tool as a possible support for the implementation of Free Routing Airspace in Africa. These Free Routing/User Preferred Routes are also supporting the African Airlines Association. We are in discussions with IATA/ICAO/FAA regarding the introduction of regional ATFM structures supported by tried and tested lessons from our Global initiatives. Lastly, we have reached out to ICAO for a collaborative approach on Cybersecurity awareness and Risk Assessment.

The workshop continued on this path through:

  • Starting the journey of aligning our activities with the CATS Global Vision 2045 and the new CANSO workgroup structures
  • Finding synergies and bringing the work of the two programmes together, especially in the areas of Peer Review, Cybersecurity and Safety of Operations
  • Taking lessons from the Peer Review Mechanism revamp activity by establishing go-to teams to enhance implementation of solutions in the region
  • Deepen the understanding and advance implementation of concepts such SWIM, UTM, ATFM, etc.
  • Entrenching the promotion of safety by helping the members implement functional Just Culture and Fatigue Risk Management

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Our programme

Day one – Tuesday 9 May

09:15-10:30Official Opening Addresses
10:30-11:00Networking Break
11:00-13:00Plenary / Cross-cutting Issues / Presentations and Discussions
Africa ANSP Peer Review Redesign & Status Update
Key Topics – Cybersecurity and Air Traffic Management
FRA Implementation status & lessons, where to from now
14:00-15:30Plenary / Cross-cutting Issues / Presentations & Discussions – Contiued
Aligning AFI region initiatives to the CATS Global Vision 2045
Global inputs, WG Structure Review and way forward
CATS Global Vision 2045 – Way Forward – Discussions
15:30-16:00Networking Break
16:00-16:30Debrief on breakaway sessions
Summary of the day and closing

Day two – Wednesday 10 May

Parallel breakaway sessions – all day

09:00-17:00 – Safety workgroup
2023 Work plan alignment

Peer review
– Outstanding work on the Mechanism redesign, project plan and 2023 2nd Half pilot projects

Safety Promotion – mini workshop and presentation on safety elements (just culture, Fatigue Risk Management, CANSO SOE on SMS and Human Performance)

Cybersecurity – aligning with the ICAO regional office, future topics, and workshop planning

Discussion – Workplan and activity alignment with CATS Global Vision 2045, contribution towards the Africa Roadmap 2023 Africa Conference Topics
09:00-17:00 – Operations workgroup
2023 Work plan alignment

– member presentation on the status of RPAS, UTM and CONOPS, CANSO Global RPAS Survey-2023

SWIM – Presentation and discussion on SWIM concept and benefits, prerequisites for SWIM, SWIM infrastructure, information service, governance, and registry

SWIM – Regional case studies, specific use cases on data exchange, standard packages, real world implementation strategies and challenges

ATFM – A-CDM implementation, ATFM collaboration and new developments, capacity planning and introduction on CANSO involvement on AFI Free Routing Airspace Project

Discussion – Africa Conference planning and work plan alignment with CATS Global Vision 2045

Day 3 – Thursday 11 May

09:00-11:00Parallel breakaway sessions  – continued
11:00-11:30Networking Break
11:30-13:00Parallel breakaway sessions  – continued
14:00-15:00ATFM Presentation

Overall Planning for the Africa Conference
15:00-15:30Networking Break
15:30-17:00Report and feedback development from the Breakaway sessions
18:30-21:30Workshop Dinner – Radisson Hotel

Day 4 – Friday 12 May

09:00-10:00Safety Workgroup report feedback and conclusions
10:00-10:30Networking Break
10:30-12:00Operations Workgroup report feedback and conclusions
12:00-13:00Official Closing Session

Event Details

9 – 12 May 2023 @ 09:00 to 17:00

Nairobi, Kenya


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