CANSO OSC Full Workgroup Meeting 2021

As members of CANSO’s Operations Standing Committee (OSC), we work around the world to lead air traffic management (ATM) operational issues and promote and exchange our industry’s best practice in operations and technical areas.

Once again we came together this year, virtually, to explore the latest in ATM operations, and our work to support and develop it further.

It was especially pertinent to meet so soon after the launch of CANSO’s new strategic direction. Over the course of our three days, we looked at how we can support CANSO in shaping our future skies, making them sustainable, and bringing together the best of our cooperative and collaborative ambitions.


The following CANSO Workgroups and Task Forces met:

  • Operations Steering Committee
  • Aeronautical Information Management Workgroup (AIM WG)
  • Air Traffic Flow Management Workgroup (ATFM WG)
  • CADENCE Task Force
  • Data Link Implementation Task Force (DLI TF)
  • Environment Workgroup (ENV WG)
  • Operational Performance Workgroup (OP WG)
  • Performance-based Navigation Workgroup (PBN WG)
  • SWIM Workgroup
  • Smart/Digital Tower Task Force (SDT TF)
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Emerging Technology Workgroup (UAS/ET WG)
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) Task Force (UTM TF)

Our event was a series of plenary and breakout sessions

Day one – 7 September

On day one we started together and heard from our chair, Armin Beirle.

Then, each of our 12 workgroup and task force leads briefly shared their achievements over the past year, and their plans for the next one.

Following a short break, we will then went into breakout sessions with our own workgroups or task forces to discuss their work in more detail.

Day two – 8 September

Day two saw our workgroups and task forces hold their own full meetings to plan out their priorities and objectives for the year ahead.

Day three – 9 September

Finally, we started day three back in our breakout groups, before heading back together to a final plenary session, at which we shared the highlights of our discussions and our next steps.

Event Details

7 – 9 September 2021 @ 13:00 to 17:00 CEST



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