Defying the drone threat


Drones are increasingly becoming a real and growing danger, with off-the-shelf unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) rarely out of the headlines these days and drone incidents an almost weekly occurrence. Not only critical national infrastructure and airports are in danger; commercial facilities, such as arenas and stadiums, are also vulnerable to a wide array of threats, not to forget invasion of privacy, smuggling and industrial espionage. Regardless of the UAV operator’s intention, drones pose a serious security risk.

To counter rapidly developing UAS threats, accurate classification of the type of drone detected is critical to the subsequent decision-making process. R&S ARDRONIS Counter-UAV solution by Rohde & Schwarz provides reliable drone control uplink signal detection and disrupting capabilities, even under challenging signal scenarios. Modular and scalable, R&S ARDRONIS can be deployed on a variety of platforms and readily integrated to suit specific threat profiles, with numerous systems operational with government users.

R&S ARDRONIS effectively detects and disrupts a UAV control uplink signal at a very early point. It monitors remote control uplink and drone downlink signals (in all relevant frequency bands) and can detect and locate those at an approx. range of typically 1.5 km with up to 7 km under optimal conditions.

“R&S ARDRONIS combines leading Rohde & Schwarz sensors to form a reliable, high-performance solution for, e.g. securing a predefined airspace against drones,” says Götz Mayser, Director of C-UAV Detection and Counter Solutions, Rohde & Schwarz. “Through repeated involvement in protecting high-profile events and high-ranking VIPs, R&S ARDRONIS has proven to be a valuable asset for security services involved and a future-proof solution.”

With its partners ESG and Diehl Defence, Rohde & Schwarz furthermore offers a mission-proven modular multisensor UAS detection and defense system called GUARDION that includes R&S ARDRONIS in combination with sensors and countermeasures technologies. Already tried and tested in various major political events and in operation with many customers worldwide, GUARDION provides secure detection and defense against drones in stationary, mobile or deployable configurations, adapted to the individual requirements of customers and situations.

In terms of airport security, Rohde & Schwarz also offers advanced IP based communications systems for modern ATC networks, test and measurement and direction finding equipment that automatically locate and identify communicating aircraft on radar screens.
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