Simona Pierattelli


Simona Pierattelli has been working in the environment of Aeronautical Radio Communications for the last 14 years, designing and developing new L-Band Datalink, actively contributing in the standardization of AeroMACS Data Link and LDACS, and in the definition of Data Links System Specifications. Since 2012 she has been contributor for some SESAR Projects, i.e. 15.2.7 (Airport Surface Datalink – AeroMACS), 9.16 (New Communication Technology at Airports), 12.3.4 (Enhanced Surface Guidance). In 2018 she was the coordinator of the PJ.14 EECNS project and PJ.14-W2 I-CNSS by 2020. She is still continues supporting SESAR3 Program with the coordination of DES FCDI project. Thanks to the experience accumulate she is the Program Manager of the SESAR Program in Leonardo.