Javier Camacho Font


Javier Camacho Font is Senior Research Engineer for Applied Research and Technology (ART) – an entity of Collins Aerospace in Cork, Ireland. He holds a Masters’ degree in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and an MBA.

Javier’s deep-seated passion for drones drives his commitment to advancing the industry, participating in various influential groups, including EUROCAE, and actively engaging in regulatory workshops and conferences.

With nearly 3 years of dedicated involvement in the U-Space/UTM ecosystem, Javier serves as the technical lead for the EALU-AER SESAR project. Prior to this, he accumulated valuable experience in U-Space R&D projects, including AMU-LED, BAUD, SAMVA, SAFIR-med amongst others during his time as Project M. Engineer and Business Development at EHang Europe & LatAm.

Javier has been widely involved in eVTOL certification processes and has a extensive experience managing different UAS operations. He continues to be involved in securing flight authorizations, working with different Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide such as Swarm formations & complex eVTOL flights. He holds multiple licenses related to this domain such as A1/A3, A2, STS-01 & STS-02 EASA Drone Pilot licenses as well as a Radiophonist license enabling communication with ATC.