Amsterdam, 8 November 2023 – CANSO has announced the shortlisted candidates for the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award 2023.

The CANSO Safety Standing Committee Steering Group met recently to deliberate on the nominations submitted for the 2023 CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award. The award recognises individuals, teams, or companies that have made a significant contribution to aviation safety in the past 12 months.

“We were excited to see so many outstanding nominations this year! All the nominees demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving safety through the work that they submitted, both on a global and a local level. The shortlisted nominations were especially inspiring and innovative and we look forward to these being shared with the wider community” commented Andrea Sack, Vice Chair, CANSO Safety Standing Committee Steering Group.

The award presentation will take place at the Gala Dinner at the CANSO Global Safety Conference in Dublin, Ireland on November 28.

This year’s short-listed nominees are:

Austro Control

Human Performance and Meteorology Team

The Human Performance and Meteorology team at Austro Control have built a suite of algorithms to measure ‘Total Airspace Complexity,’ which is converted into ‘Task Complexity’ which can be used to achieve a real-time indication of ‘computational human performance (HP) index,’ fatigue management, human error prevention and workload management. The tool has been validated and is now in the final stages of testing before implementation. This tool revolutionises the role of the supervisor bringing HP control into their hands and allows for enhanced post-ops monitoring and occurrence investigation.


PIREP (Pilot Report) Information Display Project

The PIREP Information Display (PID) is an automated, web-based, tool that increases Federal Aviation Administration, Air Traffic Controller’s situational awareness as to when meteorological conditions exist requiring solicitation of PIREPs, and when there are PIREPs available that need to be disseminated. The PID enhances aviation safety when pilots encounter hazardous weather conditions. Equipping pilots with the most current weather information available in the areas in which they are flying, enables them to make fact-based decisions to improve the safety of their aircraft, crew and passengers.


Fatigue Risk Management Application Development Team

NAV CANADA Fatigue Risk Management PowerBi App integrates three reports – Fatigue Risk, Fatigue Limit Exceedance, and Fatigue Review – to support the organisation’s FRMS. This leading-edge, innovative app allows NAV CANADA to proactively manage fatigue and monitor fatigue limit exceedance for over 2000 operational employees over five time zones at over 100 units, and support investigations into safety events where fatigue may be a contributing factor. This data-driven approach provides better information to internal stakeholders, including unions, to collaboratively identify mitigations.

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