CANSO calls for space coordinators


As the space industry increases the number of launches and re-entries, CANSO is working with its Members to create a database of official contact points for the coordination of future commercial space operations.

In a note to its ANSP Member organisations, CANSO’s Operations Programmes Manager, Scott Leis, said: “Successful commercial space launches need extensive international coordination, particularly to identify aircraft hazard areas (AHAs) from launch and re-entry and to put in place the necessary measures to avoid aircraft operations in the affected areas. Much of this coordination occurs within a 10-day period before launch, once accurate weather forecasts are available.”

Scott adds that it’s the increase in activity as more companies enter the market, and space tourism becomes a reality, that is behind the call for greater coordination. “We have seen significant growth in the sector with more to come. That’s why we recognise the need to implement and facilitate coordination and communication between the ANSP responsible for the airspace in which a launch originates and the ANSP(s) that may be impacted by an AHA.

“By creating a list of identified space operations’ coordination points, we will mitigate safety risks and provide sufficient notification of affected operators.”