AIRSEAIR RPAS to provide CNS Measurement Services with skyguide’s CNS Drone in Central and South America


Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider, and AIRSEAIR RPAS, a remotely piloted aircraft systems operator and provider based in Montréal (Canada) with active presence in the Latin American region, are collaborating to establish CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) Drone Services in Central- and South America.

The Canadian operator will purchase a specially equipped drone developed by skyguide to measure and calibrate air navigation equipment in above-mentioned regions for airport operators and ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers).

“We look forward to improving techniques and possibilities of the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP), and bringing efficiency, effectiveness, reduction of cost and CO2 emissions of skyguide’s high quality CNS drone to our CAR/SAM Region,” says Sofanor Pallares, CEO of AIRSEAIR RPAS.

The Airseair RPAS team, consisting of ANS engineers and specialist in the aeronautical field, is proud to be part of the possibility to benefit Latin-American States with this service. Especially in times of crisis, this is a welcome opportunity to save costs in the aviation industry.

Skyguide’s drone for CNS maintenance is a key contributor to simplifying flight checks with more accurate data results and reducing operational disturbances, costs and the environmental impact.

In Switzerland, the CNS drone is regularely deployed at Geneva and Zurich international airports for ILS maintenance. The use of drones for measuring flight navigation instruments reduces the number of calibration flights in Switzerland significantly: today by 50% and from 2023 on by 70%. Skyguide, thus, reduces CO2 emissions by 142 tons and energy consumption by 541 MWh per year.

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