Evans Consoles Incorporated


Organisation overview

Evans Consoles designs and equips air traffic control towers, terminal approach controls, area control centers, flight service stations and airport terminal areas in more than 180 Airports in 73 countries. We bring more than 38 years of experience designing and equipping operations centers for organizations like the US Federal Aviation Administration to manage complex, mission-critical ATC functions. Our ATC Slatwall consoles are supporting more than 30 US FAA facilities and the list is growing daily. Evans reduces operational risk through innovative design, leading-edge manufacturing, and an operator-oriented approach to building control rooms for these facilities. Our Virtual Reality technology enables advanced risk assessment analysis enabling decision-makers to avoid risks and reduce costs. For airports that are considering renovating or installing a new air traffic control environment Evans provides advanced turnkey solutions and support services for projects of any size and in any location.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Country: United States

Telephone number: +1855 284 1129

Fax number: +1855 667 9606

E-mail: info@evansonline.com

Head office:

1577 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110

Vienna, VA